Spandau Pumps - your expert partner for coolant pumps

For more than 80 years, Spandau Pumps has been a driving force in the machinery industry. As an innovative partner, Spandau Pumps offers a comprehensive product range valued not only by the world's leading manufacturers of machine tools, but also trusted by manufacturers of printing machines, temperature control and cooling units, and in the optical and solar industries.

A diverse product range and flexible modular systems allow Spandau Pumps to create individual, customized solutions. Spandau Pumps achieves high efficiency levels by continuously optimizing components and constantly improving the interplay between components, which saves power and protects the environment. Speaking of power savings: with our centrifugal and screw pumps with adaptive speed control, consumption is varied to match actual demand. That lowers costs and increases the profitability of the systems.

Spandau Pumps develops and manufactures pumps of the highest quality and reliability at its Berlin site. With the assistance of our sales and service partners, Spandau Pumps is ready to support its customers all over the world.